LinkMagz V2.0 + V1.9 + V1.5 Responsive Blogspot Template

LinkMagz Premium Blogger Template


In the era of social media as it is today, getting the attention of Internet users is very difficult. Especially if the blog that we have the Loadingnya super long. That's why in this LinkMagz template the loading speed is a top priority. Without having to sacrifice design and also features, this LinkMagz template is arguably super wuzz.

Features :

  • certainly SEO Friendly
  • Responsive/Mobile Friendly
  • Layout version 3 ( can show/hide widgets via Layout )
  • already using schema markup
  • order button via WhatsApp for product and service posts
  • Slider Image Product and service posts
  • Related Posts
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Share Button
  • Auto Ads Widget in the middle of the article
  • Sticky Navigation Menu
  • navigation page with more load mode
  • Dark Mode
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Back to Top button
  • More...
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  1. blog taek...
    safelink semua...

    1. If there are more than 3 safelink, will be reduced soon


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